Now we are open with SMP GALLERY in the store!

Now we are open! ▪️Renewal Open 2023.9.3 [SMP GALLARY-Renewal Open Exhibitions] STYLE MEETS PEOPLE Tokyo Midtown 2023.9.3 Sun - 10.1 ...

September 6, 2023

店内改装による臨時休業のご案内8/21(月)-9/2(土) We are closing temporarily for renovation!

[店内改装による臨時休業のご案内]  STYLE MEETS PEOPOLE Tokyo Midtown has been scheduled to close temporarily for renovation from Aug. 21 Mon, - Sep. 2 Sat ...

August 6, 2023

Sky & Mother Earth - Natural Dyeing Metal Craft by Koudai Makino

■Sky & Mother Earth - Natural Dyeing Metal Craft by Koudai Makino 「空と大地とー草木染金属工芸 by 牧野 広大 」 - 金属をキャンバスに自然から紡がれた色彩美- 2023年7月21日(金)~7月30日(日)...

July 12, 2023

CENTRAL PARK - Art Stole+ Cushion

■NEW ARRIVAL : 『CENTRAL PARK』collection - Wearable Art Stole + cushion 一雨ごとに、雨に洗われるようなさわやかな新録の季節の到来、 STYLE MEETS PEOPLEからオリジナルの新商品のご案内で...

May 10, 2023

TOKIWAGI annex KARATSUMONO by Yumi Terauchi

■SPRIING EVENT TOKIWAGI annex KARATSUMONO I Yumi Terauchi  唐 津 も のI 寺内 ユミ 2023.4.8 SAT. - 4.23 SUN. Celebrating 1st...

April 4, 2023


■ART MEETS PEOPLE vol.54 TAKEYOSHI MITSUI Glass Exhibition 光井 威善 個展 CALM people & silence 2023. 2.28 TUE. –3.19 SUN. 11:00-20:00 “P...

February 27, 2023


relaxury = relax + luxury for mind + body

With our store concept "relaxury = relax + luxury for mind + body", we are introducing our original and carefully selected items to make your personal time and space feel comfortable and relaxed.

Wake up in the morning , drink a glass of water and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
Take a walk in your neighborhood and travel to refresh your senses. Find and touch the things reflecting your personality to restore your balance between mind and body.

Feel the moment and make your personal time and everyday living sensuous and precious.

『relaxury/リラグジュアリー=relax + luxury for mind + body』をコンセプトに



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